Fat & The Moon Bite & Burn Spray

Fat & The Moon Bite & Burn Spray


1 fl oz

Mild burns and insect bites can be given a quick spritz of this herbal Bite & Burn Spray to aid in pain and faster recovery of your ow-ified skin. Witch hazel contains tannins which help the skin to tighten and therefore reduce swelling and pain and promote faster healing of broken skin. Witch hazel also acts as a antimicrobial, sending opportunistic bacteria on their way.

Fat & The Moon's yarrow hydrosol bring the first aid properties of the plant. Along with being astringent and anti microbial, yarrow aids the skin in minimizing scarring and inflammation. Lavender and tea tree essential oil also act as antimicrobials as well as anti-inflammatories and antiseptics.

Ingredients: Distilled water, F&M’s yarrow hydrosol, witch hazel extract, lavender essential oil, tea tree essential oil.

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