LÍHA Handmade African Black Soap

LÍHA Handmade African Black Soap


Líha’s Ose Gidi is a luxurious handmade black soap with exfoliating and deep cleansing properties comprised of 100% natural and organic ingredients. Skin feels clean and renewed without feeling stripped.

The Vegan formulation of organic Shea butter, Coconut and Hemp oils form a superior moisturising base rich in vitamins A and E. Roasted Plantain skins offer a natural alternative to lye. The antioxidant properties of Moringa powder revitalise skin, improving appearance and radiance, whilst the lactic acid in Blackstrap molasses acts as a powerful natural acne treatment.

Fragranced naturally with English Rose and African Palmarosa essential oils, Ose Gidi is a true skin treat.

Ingredients: coconut oil, hemp seed oil, sustainable palm kernel oil, shea butter, olive oil, blackstrap molasses, plantain ash, moringa oliefera, rose, palmarosa, begamont, benzoin.


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